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Essential Pool Opening Chemicals

If you have an outdoor pool in the UK, chances are you’ll want to close it during the winter when it gets colder. 

However, when temperatures start picking up in spring, your pool will be back in business again – so long as you use the right swimming pool chemicals and equipment to get it ready for use!

Our selection of swimming pool opening chemicals, including chlorine, algaecide and water balancers, provides essential products needed for proper pool maintenance. Shop now to find everything you need to safely open your pool.

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How to Open Your Swimming Pool for Spring? 


When spring rolls in and you can’t wait for that first swim of the season, your first port of call should be to remove your winter pool cover, clean it and store it away for the following winter. 

Then you can do a quick review of all your pool components, ensuring everything is fully operational and discovering anything that needs to be replaced. 

Remove any debris from your pool before refilling it with water until it reaches the right level. Turn on the pump and filter once there is enough water. 

Then comes the important part – balancing the pool water with the right chemicals. 

For a more in-depth overview of reopening your pool, check out our step-by-step guide to commissioning your pool for spring.


What Chemicals Do I Need to Open a Swimming Pool?


Before adding any chemical, you will need to start by testing the water to see what kind of treatments or water balancers need to be added. 

At this stage, you’ll need to ensure the water’s pH level is correct (between 7.2 and 7.6); otherwise, any chlorine will be less effective. To increase and decrease your water’s pH levels, you can use water balancers like pH plus and pH minus, respectively.

If the pH level is in this acceptable range, you can then use a chlorine shock treatment to help remove bacteria and algae. You can also use an algaecide to prevent future algae growth. 

Here at 1st Direct Pools, we stock a range of highly effective swimming pool chemicals to ensure you get the best pool experience. 

If you’re new to pool maintenance, head over to our ultimate beginners’ guide to swimming pool maintenance, that’s full of handy tips and everything you need to know.