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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps for Pools

Swimming pool heat pumps (or air source heat pumps) are among the most efficient methods for heating pools, and have quickly become the top choice for many pool owners. A fantastic investment, heat pumps can provide long term savings thanks to a higher coefficient of performance. Discover the perfect model for your pool below or turn to our heat pump guide for more information. 

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What is a Swimming Pool Heat Pump? 


Swimming pool heat pumps capture the heat from the outside air and transfer it back into your swimming pool water – for this reason, you may also see them refered to as air source heat pumps for swimming pools. Heat pumps use a combination of electricity and refrigeration to pass heat from one location to the other. 

Heat pumps are innovative pieces of kit that can help you significantly reduce outdoor swimming pool heating costs. They only require a small amount of electricity to operate, generating far more energy than what is put in. 


How Do Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pumps Work?


Heat pumps draw heat from the ambient air temperature and then transfer it into your water via a heat exchanger. This incredibly efficient method means pool heat pumps have a higher coefficient of performance than gas or electric pool heaters. 

For every £1 of energy that goes into the heat pump, you receive around £5 worth of heat out. This makes air source swimming pool heat pumps a fantastic investment that’ll help you save on operational costs in the long run. 


The Benefits of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps 


Ultimately, whichever model you choose, you’ll receive a whole host of benefits:

  • - Reduced heating and running costs.
  • - Reduced carbon footprint.
  • - Increased cost-effectiveness.
  • - Durability and longevity.
  • - A more sustainable option. 

See our guide to find out more about the various swimming pool heat pump costs and options


The Best Swimming Pool Heat Pumps


We stock a range of pool heat pumps from leading brands like Hayward, Comfortline, Calorex and Aqua Inverter pool heat pumps to ensure you can find something that meets your heating requirements and budget. 

The diversity of models means you’ll find pool heat pumps with an array of features, including pumps with quiet mode for overnight use and models compatible with saltwater. 

Inverter heat pumps can offer even greater levels of efficiency than standard pumps as they run at variable speeds, allowing them to adjust to the water’s temperature demands automatically – i.e., once the desired temperature is reached, an inverter heat pump will reduce its energy output. Browse our inverter heat pump range to discover the benefits they can offer. 


Swimming Pool Heat Pump Sizes 


It’s important to purchase the right size heat pump for your pool, or it may not perform as you need it to. We stock various heat pump sizes – which is right for you will depend on your pool size, swimming habits and climate. 

To find out more about getting the right size, head over to our swimming pool heat pump sizing guide