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Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters are an essential component of a swimming pool. Whether you have an above ground or indoor swimming pool, ensuring your filter works effectively is vital for your pool’s cleanliness.

At 1st Direct Pools, we have various pool filters, including side mount and top mount filters, to keep your swimming pool water clean.

We aim to meet  all our customers' needs and offer various products, from top-quality options to budget models. Here are a few of the products we have to offer:

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Why Do I Need a Swimming Pool Filter?


Whilst swimming pool chemicals will help kill contaminants and prevent others from forming, a pool filter removes any particles that are left behind! Water will pass through the pool filter, and the fine particles that the skimmer basket can't remove are trapped in the media (filled with sand or glass).


Different Types of Swimming Pool Filters


To determine the best swimming pool filter, please keep in mind that every filter will require upkeep, but the level of maintenance will vary depending on the media type.


How Long Does a Pool Filter Last?


The lifespan of a pool filter can vary from 2 years to 15. Again, it all depends on what filter media you use.


Filter Media


No matter the filter media, all filters function to remove contaminants from the pool by trapping fine particles. The main media types include the following:

  • Sand Filter: Our Silica Sand is affordable, low maintenance, and longer lasting than filter cartridges.
  • Glass Filter: Some pool owners prefer to use glass media as it requires less backwashing and is the longest lasting filter available on the market.
  • Filter Cartridges: This paper-based filter is the most inexpensive and low maintenance option available, saving energy as your swimming pool pump only needs a low pressure for it to work.

Find out more in our blog to determine what type of filter you need for your pool.


Popular Swimming Pool Filter Products


PerAqua specialises in top and side mount filters and our favourite, smoothly crafted multiport valve, the Praher!

Pentair (Tagelus or Triton filters) is a leading distributor of top quality, exceptionally designed and reliable pool goods.

Lacron is the UK's most popular filter with its durable and reliable design from distributor Waterco. The Multicyclone also comes from Waterco and is a fantastic unit for maximum efficiency and helping reduce running costs/water.

Hayward is another leading distributor and manufacturer, offering mid-range and very well priced top/side mount filters.

To make your pool filter last as long as possible, we suggest weekly backwashes or more if your pool is being used a lot. Please note that instructions may vary depending on the pump and filter system you purchased.

For more information, look at our guide on how often you should replace your pool filter!