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Swimming Pool Filters

Pool Filters

Filters are vital components for your swimming pool! Water will pass through the filter (which is filled with Sand or Glass media). The fine particles that the skimmer basket can't remove are trapped in the media. Once these particles build up in the filter this then increases the pressure in the system so you need to remove this debris by a method called backwashing. Using the Multiport Valve (which is either positioned on the side of the filter (side mount filter) or on the top of the filter (top mount filter)) to change the flow of water through the filter the water is sent back up through the media down the waste line. The media is then rinsed and then the multiport valve can be set back to filter. So it is very important to get a filter with a quality Multiport Valve as it will get a lot of use!

We like to suit all our customers needs and offer a range of different options from top quality to budget models, here's a little insight:

PerAqua - Top/Side Mount filters available - Austrian filters and our favourite, smooth multiport valve, the Praher!

Tagelus or Triton Filter - from Pentair, a leading distributor in pool goods, top quality, fantastic design and reliable

Lacron - from UK distributor Waterco - by far the UK's most popular filter with it's durable and reliable design. The Multicyclone also come from Waterco and is a fantastic unit for helping reduce running costs/water and becoming more efficient click here for more info

Hayward - Another leading distrubutor and manufacture, available in top/side mount - mid range and very well priced!

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  1. Millennium Top Mount Sand Filter

    Savings up to 31%

    Starting at £312.00

  2. Atika 2 36" Sand Filter

    Save 7%

  3. 30" Triton 2 Clear Pro Filter

    Savings up to 41%

    Starting at £960.00

  4. PerAqua Top Mount Filter

    Savings up to 61%

    Starting at £330.00

  5. Triton Side Mount Filter

    Savings up to 29%

    Starting at £495.00

  6. Tagelus Top Mount Filter

    Savings up to 35%

    Starting at £375.00

  7. PerAqua Side Mount Filters

    Savings up to 20%

    Starting at £259.99

  8. Hayward PWL Fiberglass Sand Filter

    Savings up to 41%

    Starting at £349.20

  9. Lacron Side Mount Filter

    Savings up to 10%

    Starting at £348.00

  10. Multi-Cyclone

    Savings up to 46%

    Starting at £214.99

  11. MultiCyclone Plus

    Savings up to 44%

    Starting at £85.00

  12. Multi-Cyclone Ultra

    Savings up to 25%

    Starting at £100.50

  13. Multi-Cyclone Base

    Savings up to 62%

    Starting at £41.50

  14. EGFM Glass Filter Media 25kg Grade 1

    Savings up to 12%

    Starting at £19.94

  15. Pressure Gauges

    Savings up to 43%

    Starting at £8.50

  16. Lacron Swimming Pool Filter Spares

    Savings up to 21%

    Starting at £4.66

19 Items

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