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Indoor Swimming Pool Covers

Indoor Swimming Pool Covers

Our indoor pool covers are efficiently designed for the indoor pool room environment.

Pool covers are necessary for dealing with the higher ambient air temperature, the need to reduce condensation and evaporation whilst also retaining the temperature in the water and reducing chemical consumption.

Our products include hemmed, unhemmed, 6mm, or 12mm covers made out of closed cell polyethylene foam. Browse our selection of indoor swimming pool covers below:

Don't know the measurements or need further guidance - Use our Indoor Foam Cover Calculator

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Why Buy a Foam Cover for Indoor Pools?


Our foam heat retaining pool covers are made from heavy duty closed cell polyethylene foam (500gm³ and 640gm³ respectively), which makes them particularly suitable for use on domestic indoor pools, spas and hot tubs as well as school and commercial pools and spas. Here are just some of the benefits:



The tough woven top and bottom sheet gives added strength for pools that get used daily, leading to a longer life expectancy!

Reduces Running Costs


Foam is considered to be the best heat retention cover available in today's market. Although it was designed for commercial or school swimming pools, it can be used to give the same effect on a private domestic pool too.

The closed cell polyethylene foam material has been specifically designed to reduce wasted energy and bills, allowing people with indoor pools to save massively due to the reduction in heat loss from the surface of the pool.

By using this cover on your pool you can drastically reduce humidity levels, condensation and evaporation, as well as improving the atmosphere. When used correctly our covers can eliminate heat loss by up to 90%!

All of these factors added together reduce maintenance and re-filling, saving you money on running costs by reducing the need for heating and ventilation.

Reduces Algae Growth


Given the very dense properties of the foam, this material will therefore keep light penetration to a minimum and helps to reduce algae growth, meaning less chemical use to save you money.

Covers should recoup their costs from energy savings within twelve months.

A few points to mention before ordering:

  • Covers can be shaped and hemmed (optional) to your specification, if you need help calculating, please email or phone our technical hotline.
  • The 6mm foam covers can be finished with a welded edge or with a sewn hemmed edge.
  • Products include a 4 year pro-rata warranty.
  • Help should be on hand to off-load larger covers upon delivery.
  • Extra carriage applies to covers over 5m wide - POA.
  • Covers over 12m should have reinforcing and a leading edge.
  • Packing folds may cause creasing. To try and avoid this our policy is to roll covers like a carpet for transport purposes.
  • Packaging adds approximately 150mm to cover width.
  • Perfect flatness of this material cannot be guaranteed as during manufacturing the heat welding process may cause slight reversion or undulation. This is acceptable throughout the swimming pool industry and will not affect the life expectancy or performance of the cover.

Four Year Reducing Guarantee


First year: Full repair or replacement at the manufacturer’s discretion without charge.

Second, third & fourth year: Credit towards the cost of either repair or replacement at the manufacturer’s discretion based on the un-expired part of the guarantee. For example, if the product fails after 2 years and the failure is deemed to be a manufacturing or material defect, then credit of 1/2 (50%) being equal to the unexpired part of the guarantee will be given towards the cost of the repair or replacement.

These covers are built to withstand an indoor environment which is why we wouldn't suggest using a solar bubble cover as they wouldn't last long and wouldn't perform well.

Please note all covers are specially made-to–order items.

Not sure what size indoor swimming pool cover you need? Take a look at our Indoor Foam Cover calculator to find the perfect size for your pool.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team at 1st Direct Pools.