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  1. 5 of the Best Swimming Pool Accessories

    Make the most of your pool by getting these must-have extras! From maintenance support to games and decorations, these items will make your pool.
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  2. Chlorine Tablets or Granules? The Ultimate Guide

    What form of chlorine is the best choice for your swimming pool? We look at the advantages of using tablets and granules for home pool owners.
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  3. How to Remove Black Algae from Your Pool

    Black algae is the toughest and most dangerous form of algae that you can find in your swimming pool. Discover how to effectively treat your water using cleaning and chemicals.
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  4. How to Stop Your Hot Tub from Foaming

    Tired of dealing with bubbles and foam in your hot tub? Discover why this happens and how to prevent or remove foaming with good spa maintenance.
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  5. What To Do With Your Pool When Going on Vacation

    Make sure your swimming pool is prepared before you go on holiday or an extended break. Our tips will help you care for your water while you’re away.
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  6. Chlorine Alternatives for Hot Tubs

    Getting itchy skin from the chemicals in your hot tub? Discover the best alternative water santisers, including bromine, ultra-violet and ozonators.
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