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Pool Shock Treatment

Keep your pool clean and properly sanitised with our range of swimming pool shock treatments at great, affordable prices.

However you prefer to dose your pool, we stock granules, sachets and liquid shock to ensure you can find a product that works for you.

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Chlorine Shock Treatments 


Chlorine is probably the most popular pool sanitising chemical. Chlorine shock differs from your day-to-day chlorine treatments by rapidly increasing chlorine levels to fight bacteria, algae and dirt. Using a shock like this is especially important when opening your pool for the season or when it has experienced periods of heavy use, as it will likely need a bit of extra care during these times. 

Non Chlorine Shock Treatments 


Non chlorine shock works in much the same way as chlorine shock, functioning as a deep clean for your pool water. Some may prefer to use non-chlorine pool chemicals due to skin sensitivities or because it’s what they personally find works best – neither chlorine nor a suitable non-chlorine alternative is necessarily better or more effective than the other. 

Green Pool Water Treatment


Tackling green, unsightly water can feel daunting, but a quick chlorine shock treatment (or an equally effective alternative) is your first step back to a crystal-clear pool.

Low chlorine levels are likely the culprit for algae forming and turning your water green or visibility dirty, so rapidly boosting these levels can help get your water back on track. It may also be a good idea to follow your shock treatment with a dose of algaecide to help prevent further algae growth. You will still need to maintain a regular cleaning and maintenance routine to ensure your pool continues to stay clean and safe. 

Using Pool Shock Treatments 


As with any kind of swimming pool chemical, you will need to handle pool shock carefully, especially as it is so concentrated. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions diligently, handle the product in a well-ventilated area, remove pool debris before dosing and rebalance the water, waiting before swimming. 

See our pool shock dosage advice guide to find out more.