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Above Ground Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps

Above Ground & Inflatable Pool Heaters


Whether you’re taking a dip with family and friends or going for a swimming solo, you won't want your pool water to be freezing! Even in winter, keeping outdoor swimming pools balmy is entirely possible with a good above ground pool heater.

Our above ground pool heaters are a great addition to both inflatable and solid above ground pools; they are perfect for getting more use out of your pool and extending the swimming season.

Browse our selection of above ground pool heaters below to keep your water at a comfortable temperature no matter the season.

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What Is the Best Heater for An Above Ground or Inflatable Pool?


With energy prices on the rise, carefully considering the type of heater you purchase is wise. Here at 1st Direct Pools, we are dedicated to offering our customers plenty of choices.

Our selection of above ground/inflatable  pool heaters consists of the following:


Gas Pool Heaters


Gas heaters are noted for their time efficiency and are generally suited for those living in colder climates as they don't depend on warm air or solar power to work.


Electric Pool Heaters


Inflatable pool heaters also come in an electric powered variety. Electric heaters are incredibly reliable and efficient at heating swimming pools, saving much more on energy costs than a gas heater.


Solar Pool Heaters


Solar pool heaters are extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly as they use the sun’s renewable energy to generate heat for your pool water. The most obvious downside is that it depends on consistent sunny weather to work at full capacity, which isn't always reliable with British weather.

We recommend purchasing this above ground solar pool heaters in conjunction with another heating system so you can take advantage of the full blast of the summer sun and switch to an electric or gas heater during colder months.

Please remember that any of these options will be more effective with a good quality solar cover to lock the heat in the pool!