Swimming Pool Pre-Tailored Liners

Embark on a journey of pool perfection with 1st Direct Pools, your trusted supplier of Swimming Pool Pre-Tailored Liners since 1998. Backed by years of industry experience in pool supply and construction, we've partnered with our esteemed pool liner manufacturer, Aquaflex, to bring you an informative guide. Browse through our blog to explore the many Pre-Tailored Liner options available, to ensure your purchase aligns perfectly with the vision you have of your dream pool.  

Who is Aquaflex, and what types of pre-tailored liners can they create?

Supplying the swimming pool trade for over 30 years, Aquaflex are proud to have developed the pre-tailored pool liner so almost anything is possible. 

A wide range of steps, benches and ledges can be incorporated into a pre-tailored liner thanks to state of the art machinery, and years of experiance. In 1993 Aquaflex made the decision to "brand" every pre-tailored pool liner with a unique code. This code can be found central on the deep end wall just below the bead fixing.  

Unique Pre-Tailored Liner Code

This unique code gives the pool trade the hassle free option of contacting Aquaflex for the cost of a replacement. 

No measuring is required if the liner has a code. Aquaflex will have the manufacturing records on file to make a replacement. 

The only information required afterwards is the colour/pattern choice of the new liner. 

Pre-Tailored Pool Steps

Aquaflex has revolutionised what can be done with a pool liner. Gone are the days when anything out of the ordinary was deemed imposible. 

Aquaflex has pioneered the incorporation of lined steps into a pre-tailored liner. 

The benefits are enormous, for renovating old and new pools where a less expensive option than a fibreglass or acrylic step is desired. Moreover the problem of matching the colour of the liner to the colour of the step disappears. 

Almost any size and shape can be lined in this way, as long as clear and accurate drawings are supplied. The only stipulation is that there must be an absolute minimum of 6" (0.1 Sm) of water covering the top step in order to prevent movement of the liner. The sketches to the right give an idea of the selection of step designs that are possible. Step edges should be finished with a very small "pencil" radius to prevent sharp edges and sand bags or other ballast should be used during filling to help keep the liner in position 


Anti-Slip (Strongly recommended for steps)

1 mm Anti Slip Material for step treads, Diving Blocks and Shallow areas of the pool.

The material conforms to the European Standard EN 13451 -1 and achieves the highest safety classification (Class C) for slip resistance for incorporation into pre-tailored pool liners.

Colours available: White, Ice Blue, Blue, Sand, Light Grey & Dark Grey

Pre-Tailored Liner Installation

Plain Pre-Tailored Liners





Ice Blue


Mid Blue




Light Grey


Dark Grey


Pattern Pre-Tailored Liners











Persia Black 


Persia Blue


Persia Grey


Persia Sand




The Pearl Range Pre-Tailored Liners

Butterfly Blue 


Butterfly Grey


Esagono Mosaic 


Mosaic Wave


Skyline Mosaic