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Lay-Z-Spa Chemicals

Lay-Z-Spa Chemicals & Cleaning

Lay-Z-Spas are becoming increasingly popular, offering a luxurious hot tub experience at home. Lay-Z-Spa maintenance is also relatively convenient and easy to make part of your daily routine, especially when you have all the right chemicals to get the job done. 

Keep your spa clean, healthy and ready to relax in with our premium range of Lay-Z-Spa chemicals, including hot tub bromine, Lay-Z-Spa chlorine tablets, water balancers and more. 

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Lay-Z-Spa Chemical Starter Kits

If you’ve recently purchased a spa, one of our Lay-Z-Spa chemical starter kits is ideal for helping you get up and running. We offer both chlorine and bromine starter kits to ensure that no matter your chosen water sanitiser, you can get your spa on track and ready for a dip as soon as possible. 

Lay-Z-Spa chemical starter kits will typically include things like: 

  • - Bromine/Chlorine
  • - Spa pH Plus
  • - Spa pH Minus
  • - Spa Foam Away
  • - Spa Filter Cleaner
  • - Test Strips

Exactly what is included will depend on the kit you get, so double-check that it’s got everything you need for your spa. You can always get a starter kit and then top up on any additional specialist chemicals it doesn’t include. 


Lay-Z-Spa Chemicals Instructions 


Carefully follow the instructions on each chemical packet. Our Lay-Z-Spa chemicals all have simple application methods with clear dosage requirements, making your maintenance routine stress-free. We also stock chemical dispensers so you can ensure the chemicals are properly distributed throughout your spa water. 

To learn a bit more about key hot tub chemicals and what they do, check out our guide on caring for your Lay-Z-Spa, which also covers how and when to use them, with some additional helpful instructions. 

Once your spa is set up with the right chemicals, it is a case of maintaining the correct water balance and chemical levels. Additions like hot tub clarifiers and foam removers may also prove useful once you establish a good balance. Whatever spa chemicals you need for ongoing maintenance, we stock all the essentials at unbeatable prices!