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Hot Tub Covers

If you’re looking for the perfect hot tub cover, 1st Direct Pools are glad to offer you hot tub covers manufactured to the highest quality by a UK supplier.

Our suppliers can produce hot tub covers to suit any spa shape, size or model. That being said, we would require a template to be sent to us if you own a shaped hard-top spa lid.

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We are confident that our suppliers use only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing process to suit the environment which it is designed for. Our covers also have a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Here are the construction features of our hard top spa covers:

  • Heavy-duty stitching.
  • Double reinforced hinge.
  • UV and mildew inhibitors.
  • C-Channel for support.
  • Drainage on the underside base material.
  • Childproof locking straps with keys as standard.

What Are The Benefits of Hot Tub and Spa Covers?

Your hot tub or spa isn't complete without a cover! If you plan on getting the most out of your hot tub or spa, a cover is absolutely essential for protection.

Some of the most substantial benefits of having a cover for your hot tub or spa include:

Reduced Electricity Costs


No matter your climate, it is important to save on hot tub heating costs and get maximum enjoyment out of your hot tub. A good quality cover is absolutely necessary for this.

Our spa covers are specially designed to conserve heat and reduce your electricity costs. 



Rain, snow, and general debris are common problems with hot tub covers. This is why our tapered covers are ideal; the gently sloped shape means all those things will just roll off and not “pool” onto the top of the cover. All thicknesses of the inner cores are tapered to prevent this issue.

No Heat Loss


One of the common problems with hot tubs is that steam can leak out of the hinges of a hot tub cover. Not to worry, the effective and simple design of all covers at 1st Direct Pools includes a standard closed cell foam steam stopper at the ends of the hinged section. This will stop any heat from escaping through that gap.

Additional features are available; a full closed cell steam stopper pad can also be manufactured for further heat saving, as well as a double wrap membrane barrier.

Swimspa covers are also manufactured to the highest specification. Drawings to be supplied.

In order to get a quote contact us to ask for a Spa Cover Order Form and send the completed form back to us at [email protected] with the requirements you are after. We will get you a quote for your new spa cover.


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