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Test Tablets & Kits

Test Tablets

Ensuring your pool has the correct balance of swimming pool chemicals is essential if you want a clean and safe swimming experience.

Our swimming pool water testing tablets are perfect for use with any domestic pool or spas, helping you establish your water’s chemical levels and whether you need to add any water sanitisers, balancers or algaecide.

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What Chemicals Do the Tablets Test For?


Testing your water is an important pool maintenance task you need to stay on top of. Take a look at our guide to water testing your pool for an introductory look into the subject.

When used with the right comparator test kit, test tablets offer a quick and easy way to read your water levels. With the help of various tablets, you can accurately check the levels of the following:

  • - Free chlorine
  • - Free bromine
  • - Total chlorine
  • - Total bromine
  • - pH level

Pool owners will need to check these levels fairly regularly to ensure pool water is topped up with sanitisers and is safe to swim in.

Some tablets can also help you test for:

  • - Glycine
  • - Cyanuric acid
  • - Calcium hardness
  • - Alkalinity
  • - Phosphate
  • - Chloride

Shop our range of test tablets now to find the ideal water testing solution. You will also find the compatible photometers and test kits right here at 1st Direct Pools, making interpreting test results as easy as possible.


Balancing Your Pool Water


If upon testing your water, you find that the chemicals are not at the right levels, you will need to take action to balance the water.

Ideally, pH should be at around 7.4 – if it is not, you will need to add water balancers like pH increasers and decreasers accordingly.

Chlorine and bromine levels can also be easily adjusted with either a shock treatment or reducer. To find out more about water treatments and the correct levels you'll require, see our guide to the chemicals you need for a swimming pool.

Whether you need to test your water or adjust it, you can find all the necessary supplies right here!