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Pool & Spa Advice

Pools: The Need to Know

Find out how to build and maintain you pool, from opening your pool for spring through to closing it in the winter.

1st Direct Pools

Spa: The Need to Know

Find out how to build and maintain you pool, from opening your pool for spring through to closing it in the winter.

1st Direct Pools


  • Pool Heating Guide
    Pool Heating Guide

    To make your swimming more comfortable you need to heat your swimming pool using a pool heater. There are various different types of pool heater available and this guide will explain how each one works and which one would be most suitable for your pool.

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  • Heating Running Costs
    Heating Running Costs
    You might be thinking of getting a swimming pool installed? You know the cost of the build and maintenance but how much is it going to cost you to heat it throughout the year. If you're not sure on this then we have created a table to show just how much heating a swimming pool costs depending on its various factors including its overall size and also what type of heater you are wanting to use. (All costs are correct of 2017)
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Pool Build

  • Running a Swimming Pool
    Running a Swimming Pool
    Running a pool is actually very straight-forward when you know what you are doing. Below are a few points on things to do and how to do them when it comes to managing your swimming pool. If you have any more specific queries and questions please do not hesitate to call for some advice.
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  • Building a Swimming Pool
    Building a Swimming Pool

    When you are looking at building your dream swimming pool there are a series of imperative steps you should look at in successfully planning the construction.

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Pool Maintenance

  • Pool Pumps and Filters
    Pool Pumps and Filters

    The swimming pool pump circulates the pool water through the pools filter which mixes the chemicals and sanitises the water to keep it free from contaminants and debris. It is important to choose the right pump and filter combination for your pool so the system operates efficiently.

    The first step to choosing the correct pump is to find out the volume of water your pool has as

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  • How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water
    How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water
    Is your swimming pool looking a little cloudy lately, then have no fear as you can easily clear any cloudy pool by following these quick and easy steps to find and fix the cause.
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Working Pool

  • New Pool Owners Guide
    New Pool Owners Guide

    Congratulations you now own a pool! Your dream has become a reality and youre the owner of a sparkling oasis of pleasure and relaxation in your own back garden ready for hours of fun, exercise and enjoyment! But what now? How do I keep the pool looking like new? How do I know it is safe for my family to use? 

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  • How A Pool Works
    How A Pool Works

    Every pool owner wants to achieve crystal clear and sparkling water. This page explains, in simple terms, how a pool works and what you need to do to obtain and keep that crystal clear water.

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