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Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable Speed Pool Pumps, or VSPs or VS pumps, are becoming increasingly popular in the pool industry due to their eco-friendly efficiency and cost-saving benefits. At 1st Direct Pools, we are dedicated to helping pool owners find the best Variable Speed Pool Pump on the market. Browse our extensive range below, and if there's something specific you need that we don't stock, please let us know—we will do our best to source it for you.

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What is a Variable speed pool pump?


Variable speed pool pumps are designed to save energy and money while maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe swimming environment. Unlike traditional single-speed pumps, these pumps feature adjustable speeds, allowing you to control the water flow, reduce noise levels, and minimise electricity and energy costs.

The main advantage of a variable speed pool pump is its programmability, including its built-in timer. This timer can help automate cleaning cycles or set specific time periods for the pump to run at full capacity, giving you greater control over your pool's energy consumption.

Key Features:

  • - Adjustable Speeds: Tailor the pump at different speeds to suit your pool requirements.
  • - Energy Efficient: Reduces electricity and energy costs.
  • - Built-in Timers: Automate cleaning cycles or set specific periods to run the pump, optimising the pump's full operation.
  • - Advanced Control: Easy-to-use interface for programming speed and run times.

How Does a Variable Speed Pool Pump Work?

A standard single-speed pump has only one-speed setting, while a variable-speed pump can be adjusted to different speeds. Variable speed pumps come with a motor that is controlled by a controller or an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to program the pump's speed and run time.

The settings can be adjusted to suit the required flow and velocity of water, unlike a single-speed pool pump, which requires manual adjustment of valves each time the pump needs to run at a different speed. A Variable-Speed Pool Pump offers stored settings for recurring tasks such as cleaning cycles and filter changes, making swimming pool maintenance and operation easier.

Setting Up Your Variable Speed Pool Pump

Setting up a Variable Speed Pool Pump is straightforward and customisable based on your pool's usage. For example, during busy weekends, you can set the pump to high speed for maximum water turnover and thorough cleaning. Conversely, you can set the pump to a lower speed for periods of low usage, such as when you're away, conserving energy and reducing costs.

Many users also schedule their pumps to run at lower speeds overnight, optimising energy savings without compromising performance. This approach is similar to eco-friendly heating systems in modern homes.

Cost and Energy Savings with Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Investing in a Variable Speed Pool Pump can lead to significant cost savings. Here's a comparison between a standard single-phase pump and a Variable Speed Pump based on a running time of 24 hours a day for 7 months a year, using 30p per kW/h as the energy cost.

Cost Comparison: Speck Badu Gamma Pumps


Speck Badu Gamma 23 – Single Phase (1.0Kw)

    • - Annual Running Cost: £2,359.69
    • - Annual Energy Usage: 7020kW

Speck Badu Gamma VS Pump (1.1Kw)

    • - Annual Running Cost: £2,007.58
    • - Annual Energy Usage: 5974kW

Although the Speck Badu Gamma VSP is more expensive upfront, it saves in annual running costs and uses 1,046kW less energy each year. Through energy savings, you could recoup the initial extra cost in under two years.

Browse Our Range of Variable Speed Pool Pumps

At 1st Direct Pools, we offer a wide selection of Variable Speed Pool Pumps to suit any pool size and budget. Explore our range today and take the first step towards a more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly pool.

If you need assistance or have specific requirements, please contact our team. We are here to help you find the perfect Variable Speed Pool Pump for your needs.