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Gas Pool Heaters

Swimming Pool Gas Heaters

We offer a fantastic range of efficient and top quality pool gas boilers. The most popular brand is Certikin who have been designing designing pool boilers for years to ensure super efficiency and quality components. Their most newest model is the Genie condensing boiler which has 94% efficiency by incorporating the condensing technology which could reduce your running costs by up to 30%.

We also offer the Master Temp Gas Heaters which have a nice modern design and fantastic controls.

We highly recommend a gas heater as the most effective pool water heating for winter months. Heating your swimming pool makes the water more comfortable and can significantly extend the period when your outdoor pool can be used. Combine your pool heater with a suitable enclosure and you immediately save wasted energy.

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  1. Master Temp Natural Gas Heater

    Savings up to 44%

    Starting at £2,145.60

  2. Genie Gas Heaters

    Savings up to 28%

    Starting at £2,534.40

  3. Genie Boiler Flue Components

    Savings up to 17%

    Starting at £60.00

  4. 2 heater multiple installation kit (genie  oil)

    Savings up to 15%

    Starting at £336.00

  5. Laars Lite 2

    Savings up to 13%

    Starting at £2,640.00

5 Items

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