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Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers & Rollers


After so much work maintaining your pool, you’ll want to ensure that it stays performing at its best for as long as possible – this is where covers come in.

Ensure your pool or hot tub stays protected with our range of swimming pool covers and rollers.


Do I Need a Swimming Pool Cover?


If left uncovered, debris and animals could enter your pool. Using a high-quality pool cover will help prevent this, reducing the amount of swimming pool chemicals and cleaning needed, saving you time and money!

Closing your pool for winter will also necessitate the use of a cover.

A pool roller system will help you maintain the condition of your pool cover, storing it efficiently and allowing you to secure or remove the cover in a matter of minutes.


Swimming Pool Cover & Roller Types


You’ll find all of these options and more among our range of essential swimming pool products.

Solar Pool Covers – Also known as bubble covers, these are used to cover the water and stop debris from entering, along with preventing heat loss, water evaporation and chemical consumption.

Indoor Pool Covers – Made from heavy-duty closed cell polyethene (foam) to help reduce chemical consumption, evaporation, condensation and heating bills.

Winter Pool Covers – Encapsulates the entire pool, protecting the shell and water from harsh weather when it’s time to close your pool.

Safety Pool Covers – Includes the benefits of any other kind of cover along with supporting the weight of children or animals to ensure they do not fall into the water.

Automatic Pool CoversSlatted electric pool covers run along the width of your pool to give it a stunning look while also offering robust protection.

Above-Ground Pool Covers – Designed to protect pools measuring 12ft, 15ft or 18ft.

Reels & Rollers – These help you maintain and store your covers. Both manual and automatic swimming pool rollers are available.

Hot Tub Covers – Like other covers, Spa covers help retain heat and reduce electricity costs.

To find out more about the benefits of each cover and determine which one might be best for you, check out our more extensive guide to the different types of swimming pool covers.


What Size Pool Cover Do I Need?


Once you’ve decided which cover you require, you’ll need to establish the right size. You can use one of our handy cover calculators to ensure you get the correct size:

Aside from covers, we stock a wide range of pool supplies – shop now to ensure you have everything you need for that perfect swim!