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Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners & Vacuums

Swimming Pool Cleaners

Ensuring your pool is clean and clear of debris is essential, but it isn’t always the nicest of tasks. This is where the ease and convenience of automatic swimming pool cleaners and vacuums comes in.

Browse our extensive selection of automatic swimming pool vacuums to make pool maintenance that bit easier.

Do I Need an Automatic Pool Vacuum?


Using a good swimming pool cover, adding the right chemicals and maintaining your pump and filtration system are usually enough to keep your pool happy and healthy. However, sometimes debris and dirt can still make their way into your water – which will need to be dealt with.

During these instances, it is certainly useful to have an automatic pool vacuum on hand. Manually vacuuming your pool or using swimming nets and poles can be time-consuming, but an automatic pool cleaner will take care of the job for you. An automatic pool vacuum will navigate around the floor and walls of your pool to suck debris into its filter, effectively removing it from the swimming water.


Different Kinds of Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners


Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find an automatic or robotic pool cleaner that’ll help keep your water clean and pleasant to swim in. There are several kinds available, including:


Suction pool cleaners


These are some of the most popular pool cleaners as they are simple to use and more affordable. They use your existing filtration system, connecting to your vacuum point and randomly travelling over the floor to suck up any dirt. You can choose from options for floor-only models or floor and wall cleaners. Note, you will need to check you have sufficient suction on your pump – usually around 5m3/hr.


Electric pool cleaners


These are certainly the most convenient, efficient and reliable of all pool cleaners. Powered electrically and working independently using a combination of onboard computers calculating the fastest and most economical route around the pool, these really do act as your own personal valet!


Booster pump pool cleaners


Running off a separate booster pump, these work independently from your filtration system, vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing the bottom and walls of any size of in-ground pool, be it concrete, fibreglass, tile or vinyl. The extra large bottom opening picks up large debris, and the in-line back-up valve cycles automatically, pulling the cleaner away from potential obstacles and letting it clean without interruption.

To learn more about using a swimming pool vacuums, see our guide on how to effectively vacuum your pool.

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