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Winter & Outdoor Swimming Pool Covers

Winter & Outdoor Debris Pool Covers

We highly recommend closing your pool over winter to reduce running costs while your swimming pool is not receiving much use! 

To protect your pool, you will require a swimming pool cover. This will help prevent debris and animals from entering the pool by completely covering the surface while still allowing some water through.

For more information, check out our guide that explains the different types of swimming pool covers or give us a ring on 0333 900 40 40

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Pool Cover Materials & Fixings


All of the covers are made bespoke to order, and there are several options for materials and fixings:

Standard Winter Debris Cover - A robust and durable winter cover with perimeter straps every 4'-5'

Criss Cross 4'-5' - The same material with straps that are spaced every 4'-5' that span the entire length and width of the cover to add strength.

Deluxe Criss Cross 3'-4' - The same material cover, but with added strength due to straps that are spaced every 3'-4' across the length and width of the cover.

Ultimate Criss Cross - The same material with straps spanning the width and length every 3'-4' to help carry more weight, ideal for areas with small animals or snow. Additionally, an anti-chafing strip is fitted to the entire perimeter of the pool to help lengthen the life of the winter cover.

Standard P Pins & Springs - Traditional fixing involves drilling a 7mm hole in the patio where a P pin sits, which is attached to a spring on the cover strap.

Brass Flush Fix Fixing with Spring - For a more flush fixing around the pool. Larger drill holes (19mm) and less trip hazard.

Brass Deck Fixing with Spring - Suitable for decking. 19mm drill holes required and a flush fixing.

Lawn Stake Fixing with Spring - Where there isn't an option of solid ground to drill into.