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Swimming Pool Rollers & Reels

Swimming Pool Rollers

Swimming pool cover rollers and reels are incredibly useful pieces of kit, allowing you to easily manoeuvre your pool cover and ensure it stays in good condition. Browse our pool reels, rollers and accessories to find a great affordable and convenient option. 

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Convenient Swimming Pool Cover Reels


Swimming pool reel systems are a great addition to your poolside, helping you handle your swimming pool cover with ease. Manual reels will include straps that attach to your cover and a wheel that allows you to easily wind and unwind the cover to and from the roller. 

These handy reels can be installed in a number of ways, including base plate and wall-mounted options – or they can simply sit unobtrusively on your poolside with standard ends. Manual reels will also come with a locking device to prevent the cover from unwinding. 


Automatic Pool Cover Reels & Rollers 


Automatic reels are incredibly useful, removing the hassle of dealing with your pool cover during the swimming season. An automatic reel system will easily attach to your swimming pool cover, ensuring you can wind it on and off the roller at the push of a button – you won’t have to wind it yourself like with manual options. 

These reels are brilliant if you’re fine-tuning your pool setup with the intention of saving time and energy. Our automatic pool reels are easy to install and will provide instant cover management, keeping your solar cover in great condition for as long as possible. 


Solar-Powered Pool Cover Reels 


Solar-powered products are great investments as they offer more sustainable, future-proof solutions. Our automatic solar-powered cover reels use solar-charged batteries that power the electric motor. 

These reel systems are self-contained, highly efficient and complete with simple operation, making them the ideal addition to your poolside. Depending on the system you choose, the solar pack can be sited away from the reel, allowing you more freedom and providing a great option for indoor pools. 


Reels & Rollers For Solar Pool Covers 


You’ll likely use a solar pool cover during the swimming season, and a reel makes it much easier to remove the cover when you’re ready to swim and roll it back out when you’re finished for the day. 

Smoothly rolling your solar cover away will also help you keep it in top condition for longer, reducing the risk of it becoming damaged, especially when used with a reel cover or sun protector sheet to shield it when it’s on the reel. 

To find out more about using cover roller and reel systems, see our guide to manual versus automatic cover rollers