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Pool Heaters

Swimming Pool Water Heaters 

Want to enjoy your pool all year round? You’ll need a swimming pool heater to ensure the water stays warm and inviting, prolonging the swimming season as long as possible. Browse our range of poolside heating options to discover efficient and market-leading models. 

Do I Need a Swimming Pool Water Heater? 


It probably comes as no surprise that most of us want to swim in water that’s on the warmer side. To get your pool water up to the desired temperature in the UK, you will almost certainly require a swimming pool water heater or heating system. There are several different options when it comes to choosing the right pool heater. 

How to Heat Your Swimming Pool 


We offer various heaters for outdoor pools, including above-ground pool heaters, Bowman heat exchangers, eco-friendly heating systems and heaters that are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. The model you choose will generally depend on the size of your pool and which features you require. Outdoor pool heaters will do their job very well with little to no interference or maintenance from you. 

Efficient Outdoor Pool Heaters


If cost efficiency is your main concern, either a swimming pool heat pump or a solar heater might be the best option for you. Check out our guide to swimming pool heat pumps to find out more. 

How to Heat Your Outdoor Pool Water Without a Heater


For this, you’ll certainly have to turn to the power of the sun. Along with solar panels or solar pods, you can also get solar swimming pool covers that will help retain heat and radiate it into the water.

How to Install a Swimming Pool Heater


While the average pool owner can perform an array of pool maintenance tasks, when it comes to installing a pool heating system, it’s best to get a professional’s help. Pool heaters are very technical and must be installed to the manufacturer’s instructions. An experienced pool engineer will be able to ensure water flow, pressure and direction are all correct.

All service connections (electricity, gas and oil) must only be connected by a fully qualified technician to ensure they are in line with any relevant regulations. If installation is incorrect, you could damage the heater and even endanger life.

Please note that warranties will be processed once equipment has been partly or fully installed without our fully completed warranty request form.