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Beach & Pool Inflatables

Pool Inflatables, Toys & Accessories

Add some fun and colour to your swimming pool or day at the beach with our range of inflatables. Ideal for making the most of your pool experience, especially during the summer, you can opt for swim rings, balls, animal floats, pool toys and more. 

Our inflatable pool toys and accessories offer something for all the family, ensuring you can make the ultimate splash! 

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Inflatable Beach Balls 


Available in various sizes, colours and designs, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to inflatable pool balls. Beach balls are a wonderfully inexpensive way to add some fun to your pool, providing an activity that anyone can get involved in. 

Whether you want to play water volleyball or dodgeball or create your own games, the humble beach ball will help you make some great summer memories! 

Our inflatable beach balls are easy to inflate, deflate and store, making for a no-nonsense swimming pool accessory. We also stock inflatable ball game sets, including basketball hoops, volleyball nets and goals, that are sure to keep you entertained for hours. 


Rubber Rings For Swimming 


Rubber swim rings can be used as buoyancy aids to support children and less proficient swimmers, as well as providing a fun addition to the water, with many swim rings coming in bright colours and designs. 

Or, if you just want to kick back and relax, swim rings are ideal for lounging on as you float around the pool in perfect tranquillity. Add a floating drinks holder into the mix, and you’re set for an ideal day at the pool. 


Inflatable Animal Pool Floats 


With llamas, sharks, unicorns, flamingos and more, there are plenty of inflatable animal floats to choose from. Our ride-on animal pool floats come equipped with handles, providing something to hold on to as you float around the pool. 

Facilitating various pool games and imaginative play, these animal-shaped pool floats are ideal for children of all ages, encouraging them to get comfortable in the water while still providing a buoyancy aid. 

Many of our large animal pool floats are big enough to support older children and adults, so it’s not just the kids who get to have all the fun.