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Solar Swimming Pool Covers

GeoBubble Solar Pool Covers

Want a budget swimming pool cover that will help your water retain heat more efficiently? A solar swimming pool cover might be the one for you!

We stock a range of different kinds of swimming pool covers to ensure you can find the perfect product for your pool. Shop our selection of solar covers, including innovative GeoBubble pool covers, to keep your pool water warm and free of debris.

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Are GeoBubble Pool Covers Worth it?

Solar covers are incredibly efficient at helping heat up your pool while retaining this heat and ensuring you don't have to rely on more expensive pool heaters as heavily.

Like any other kind of cover, solar covers will also decrease instances of pool debris and the need for additional cleaning or swimming pool chemicals. Additionally, when your pool is covered like this, you reduce the risk of evaporation and chemical consumption.

When you combine solar covers with swimming pool solar heating, you’ll have a wonderfully eco-friendly and efficient heating system on your hands!

Read our more in-depth guide to solar swimming pool covers to find out more about their benefits.


The Best GeoBubble Solar Pool Covers


We stock a range of solar covers that use GeoBubble technology to lock in heat. You will find varying cover thicknesses (measured in microns), with thicker covers retaining more heat. GeoBubble covers also last 25% longer than other types!

Some of the best solar swimming pool covers on the market include:

  • - 600M Gold GeoBubble solar pool cover – Exclusive to 1st Direct Pools, this product has the best heat retention properties of any solar bubble cover on the market. It’s extra thick and has an aluminium backing to prevent heat from escaping.
  • - 500M Sol+Guard GeoBubble solar pool cover – The translucent solar cover allows UV rays to pass, heating the water. This makes it the ideal option if your goal is heating water up rather than simply retaining warmth.
  • - 500M Energy Guard GeoBubble solar pool cover - This selective transmission cover has a dark coating to block out light and prevent algae growth whilst allowing UV rays to penetrate and heat the water – perfect for algae problems!
  • - 500M Gold GeoBubble solar pool cover – This is the most popular outdoor pool cover of recent years. A 500M thickness and a layer of aluminium helps retain heat effectively.
  • - 400M Silver GeoBubble solar pool cover - This 400M thick cover has a layer of aluminium to help retain more heat and is specifically designed to be more resistant to UV and chemical attacks.
  • - 400M Blue solar pool cover – A brilliant budget cover, perfect for above-ground swimming pools or outdoor pools without swimming pool rollers.

Please note that our solar covers are made to order items. If none of the standard sizes are right for your pool, we also offer bespoke sized covers. Use our solar cover calculator to determine the correct measurements for your cover.

Our prices are unbeatable, so shop now to find the perfect solar pool cover that suits your needs!

If you’re unsure whether a solar cover is best for you, see our guide explaining the different types of swimming pool covers.