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Pool Shell Fittings

Pool Shell Fittings

We have a wide selection of pool shell fittings available. We stock high levels of Certikin white goods and you'll find 90% of inground swimming pools installed in the UK have Certikin components such as skimmers, main drains and inlets. We also offer other popular manufactures such as Astral, Hayward and Above Ground Pool shell fittings. If you can't find what you're looking for please let us know or take a look in our Fittings Spares list for replacement parts.

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  1. Certikin Skimmer Basket - SCP424

    Save 43%

  2. Skimmer For Concrete Pools (HD100)

    Savings up to 29%

    Starting at £28.99

  3. Skimmer Skimmer HD100

    Savings up to 37%

    Starting at £27.00

  4. Certikin HD33 Liner Main drain

    Savings up to 42%

    Starting at £30.49

  5. Certikin HD33 Concrete Main Drain

    Savings up to 41%

    Starting at £23.50

  6. 1.5” Concrete Eyeball inlet - no backnut

    Savings up to 33%

    Starting at £9.00

  7. 1.5” Eyeball inlet - panel pool C/W backnut

    Savings up to 45%

    Starting at £13.98

  8. 1.5” Adjustable inlet

    Savings up to 27%

    Starting at £9.49

  9. Auto Top Up

    Savings up to 35%

    Starting at £35.95

  10. Supa skimmer - WAET only - liner / concrete

    Savings up to 31%

    Starting at £49.99

  11. No leak flange (puddle flange) length 250mm - grey

    Savings up to 52%

    Starting at £17.84

17 Items

per page
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