Caring for Your Lay-Z-Spa: Guide to Hot Tub Chemicals

Lay-Z-Spas offer a splash of luxury to your life. They bring people together indoors and outdoors, setting the mood for a relaxing evening or a refreshing spritz in the day.

Most people purchase a Lay-Z-Spa for their garden to help make the most of their outdoor space. Whatever your preference, something like the Lay-Z-Spa Mauritius Airjet can offer you an opportunity to wash all the stress away.

So that you can get the most out of your Lay-Z-Spa, it's vital to recognise the role hot tub chemicals play in maintenance.

At 1st Direct Pools, we supply Lay-Z-Spa care kits and maintenance equipment, such as hot tub vacuums, chlorine tablets and floor protectors. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Hot tub chemicals



Can You Use a Lay-Z-Spa Without Chemicals?

Lay-Z-Spa highly recommends that chemicals are used to maintain your hot tub for health and safety purposes. There are some chemicals you can use to substitute chlorine, such as:

  • - Spa time active oxygen.
  • - Bromine.
  • - Non-chlorine shock.

We recommend checking with your doctor if you are concerned about using chemicals due to sensitive skin. Chlorine allergies can often be mistaken for a reaction from a pH imbalance or lack of chlorine. 

For more information, contact our team to discuss options and alternatives.

What Chemicals Do I Need For My Lay-Z-Spa?

There are many optional chemicals available to keep your spa experience luxurious.

However, some are essential and ensure that your spa is kept healthy and clean. These will also help to maintain a much more efficient running cost and extend the lifespan of your Lay-Z-Spa; these include:

  • - Sanitisers such as chlorine or bromine.
  • - Shock.
  • - pH balancers.
  • - Alkalines.

Popular optional chemicals that can help to improve the spas experience include:

  • - Foam removers.
  • - Water clarifiers.
  • - Spa conditioner.

hot tub chemicals

Lay-Z-Spa Sanitisers: Chlorine & Bromine

A water sanitiser is essential for the health and cleanliness of your spa. Both bromine and chlorine are chemical compounds that can decontaminate the water by killing off any bacteria or algae. Whether you chose hot tub chlorine or bromine is down to your unique situation and personal preferences.

Both sets of water sanitisers are available in many forms such as tablets and granules, but DO NOT mix them together in the water, in their dry state, store next to each other or use in the same feeder as a dangerous chemical reaction can be caused.

No matter how well you sanitise your Lay-Z-Spa, a deep clean and drain will be essential from time to time, therefore if you don’t like the sanitiser you chose, you can always switch once the water has been changed and a deep clean has been constructed.

Just remember to regularly test to ensure the sanitiser levels are keeping your water clean and safe!

How to use Chlorine or Bromine Tablets:

  1. Work out how much water volume your Lay-Z-Spa holds.
  2. Turn on the Lay-Z-Spa if it isn’t already running.
  3. Read the instructions on the chlorine or bromine chlorine carefully.
  4. Measure the required amount of chlorine or bromine recommended by the hot tub manufacturer.  
  5. In a bucket, fetch a small amount of the hot tub water and pour/mix the granules together.
  6. Once mixed, slowly feed through the hot tub water and allow the water to circulate for 20 minutes to ensure the sanitiser is thoroughly dispersed.
  7. Test the water to ensure sanitiser levels are correct. Adjust if necessary.  

How to use Chlorine or Bromine Granules:

  1. Read the instructions carefully on the chlorine or bromine container. 
  2. Place the recommended number of tablets into the feeder or floating dispenser.
  3. Adjust the feeder according to the Spas directions to control the release of sanitiser.
  4. Hold the feeder under the water to push air out and allow it to float more stable.
  5. Test the water over the next few days to ensure proper sanitiser levels. Adjust if necessary.

Lay-Z-Spa Shock Chlorine

It’s essential to shock the Lay-Z-Spa frequently using either chlorine shock or non-chlorine shock. 

Chlorine produces a waste product called Chloramines. These are responsible for the stinging, drying, and strong chlorine smell that can reduce the sanitisers effectiveness. Bromine also produces a waste product called bromamines. While they’re not as noxious as chloramines, they still reduce the effectiveness of the bromine in your hot tub.

Shocking your hot tub on a regular basis will keep chloramines and bromamines at bay, whilst keeping waters clean and crystal clear. 

You will often find chlorine shock for hot tubs in the form of granules. It's worth noting that you should purchase specialist shock treatment instead of an increased dose of regular chlorine or bromine. As with all chemicals, shock chlorine can be dangerous and should be carefully stored.

Lay-Z-Spa pH Balancers

Alongside chlorine, pH balance is essential; it helps to create the perfect environment for the water sanitiser to work efficiently.

The pH scale of the water measures the acidity and alkalinity of the water. A pH scale that is too high or low can cause an array of hot tub issues, including:

  • - Cloudy water.
  • - Green water.
  • - Skin and eye irritation.
  • - Scale or stains.

Most Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs require a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, although you can find your specific setup in the manual or online. To determine your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub pH, you should test the water daily with a test strip.

pH scale

Adjusting the pH level of the water is simple; you will need a pH plus and a pH minus, which can be added by following the product's instructions to your hot tub to restore the pH level to its optimum level.

Lay-Z-Spa Alkalines

You will also need to measure the total alkalinity (TA) when balancing water. The TA supports the pH level of the water, stabilising the pH and preventing it from erratically fluctuating from one side of the spectrum to the other.

Alkalinity works similarly to pH levels. If alkalinity is too high, you can use your pH reducer to lower it down. Alternatively, if alkalinity is too low, you will require a total alkalinity increaser.   

Lay-Z-Spa Foam Remover

Foaming is a common issue among hot tub owners. As a result, many turn to a foam remover to quickly resolve the problem.

Foam removers are also referred to as antifoam. They work by stopping the chemical reaction that results in foam for a limited period, often around 24 hours.

However, the foam remover doesn't deal with the foam itself. To fully remove foam, you may need to empty and refill your Lay-Z-Spa, which is why proper chemical maintenance is essential.

Lay-Z-Spa Water Clarifier

Water clarifiers work similarly to antifoam products. They are a quick fix to ensure that your hot tub looks its best. Clarifiers are often available in a liquid form that will feel like a gel. They collect fine particles that can cause a cloudy appearance and clean them.

Clarifiers can make the water appear shiny. However, it won't fix any chemical imbalances and can cause the filter to clog quicker, so a full chemical clean should be carried out when possible.

Someone filling up their Lay-Z-Spa

Lay-Z-Spa Treatment vs Swimming Pool Chemicals

Treating swimming pool water and Lay-Z-Spa water is essentially the same. However, you should bear in mind that there is a difference in the products used.

When purchasing chemicals, you should always look to buy products specific to the manufacturer or product type, such as Lay-Z-Spa or hot tub chemicals.

While the chemicals might all look the same, Lay-Z-Spa chemicals are often engineered slightly differently to maximise their quality in their particular water conditions.

Water Capacity

The most significant difference between a swimming pool and a Lay-Z-Spa is the size.

Due to pool chlorine products needing to clean a much larger body of water, they are often concentrated, which can cause issues when attempting to balance the water chemistry of a Lay-Z-Spa.

Lay-Z-Spa Temperature

Another essential difference between pools and Lay-Z-Spas is the temperature.

Hot water can help speed up the chemical reactions of water balancing, while the increased temperature will also lead to evaporation, reducing its effectiveness.

Hot tub chemicals are designed with an increased temperature in mind and will perform more reliably than swimming pool chemicals.

Lay-Z-Spa Water Movement

Swimming pools and Lay-Z-Spas both use pumps to move the water around the body of water. However, the rate between the two is very different. Lay-Z-Spa jets work like a mixer, rapidly increasing the chemical's reaction rate.

What Chemicals Do I Add to My Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub for the First Time?

If you're setting up your Lay-Z-Spa for the first time, some steps are required to ensure that your new hot tub is ready to be enjoyed.

Shocking the Water

Lay-Z-Spa will often be filled using tap water. While this is safe at the beginning of its use, bacteria can quickly develop, mainly because a hot tub is maintained at around 23 degrees Celsius. This is why it is generally recommended that the hot tub is initially shock dosed.

To do this, follow your Lay-Z-Spa model and shock product instructions, as these will indicate recommended dosages. Once the hot tub has been shock dosed, it is recommended that the spa is left for 24 hours.

Balancing the Chemicals

Once the hot tub has been tested, you can gauge how much of the other chemicals will need to be added to balance the water.

There is no recommended order for adding hot tub chemicals, so long as they balance out in the end. However, we would suggest the following order based on how chemicals typically react with one another:

  • 1. Chlorine
  • 2. pH
  • 3. Alkalinity

Maintenance Schedule

Once the water has been balanced, you can finally sit back and enjoy your new hot tub! To keep the Lay-Z-Spa looking its best over its lifespan, ensure these chemicals remain balanced.

The easiest way to do this is to create your very own Lay-Z-Spa routine that fits around your usual routine. Test your water daily, shock the water after heavy use and replace the water entirely every 3-4 months.

If you're unsure where to start, you can check out guide to hot tub maintenance, where we take you step-by-step through the process.

We hope this basic guide to caring for your Lay-Z-Spa has been useful. If you're still unsure, feel free to contact a member of our team who will be happy to help with any queries you may have about Lay-Z-Spa products or hot tub maintenance.