Lay-Z-Spa Running Costs in 2023

In recent years, more and more people have been enjoying the benefits of a relaxing at-home spa experience. However, despite all the perks of investing in your own hot tub, the cost of living remains high, so many will understandably be wary about managing the costs of running a spa. 

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are among the most popular inflatable hot tubs on the market and have great cost-effective features that make them some of the most efficient to run. Discover the estimated running costs for UK Lay-Z-Spas in 2023. 

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How Much Does a Lay-Z-Spa Cost to Run? 

How much you’ll pay each week/month when running your spa will depend on varying factors, such as: 

  • The model of your Lay-Z-Spa and which features you use
  • The size of the spa and the volume of water
  • The outside temperatures and changes in weather
  • The hot tub’s temperature settings (typically 36-40°C)
  • How often the spa is used, and how long are the sessions
  • Positioning of the hot tub (sheltered or unsheltered)
  • Your individual energy supplier and tariff

Bearing this in mind, the following numbers are average estimates, so individuals’ costs will likely vary. Lay-Z-Spa rigorously test their products to establish the expected running costs and provide the following figures: 

Lay-Z-Spa Average Weekly Running Costs

Seasonal Temperatures

Weekend Usage Full Week Usage






These figures are based on the current (as of July 2023) energy tariff/price cap of 30p per kWh and assume the water will be heated to 40°C and the Airjets used for up to 1.5 hours per week. The lower end of the price range illustrated represents the projected costs for when a thermal cover is used. 

How Much Electricity Does a Lay-Z-Spa Use? 

The standard voltage for each Lay-Z-Spa model is 2.05 kWh – you can use this and the figure for how many hours you use your hot tub on average per week/month to work out your running costs. 

  • kWh x hours = watts per hour
  • watts per hour x energy tariff = price per use

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Lay-Z-Spa Maintenance Costs

Alongside the electrical usage and daily running costs of your spa, you’ll also need to consider maintenance costs. The main thing here is hot tub chemicals. Using the right chemicals is an essential part of being a responsible Lay-Z-Spa owner. 

Lay-Z-Spa chemicals are relatively inexpensive, with 1kg tubs of chlorine or bromine lasting you for several months (depending on your usage) and costing less than £10. We stock complete spa chlorine kits that include chlorine granules, water balancers, water quality enhancing chemicals and test strips all for under £25. 

If you don’t get a complete kit like this to start you off, you also need to factor in the cost of water testing equipment like test strips – these tend to be between £6 and £15 per container of usually around 50 hot tub test strips

You also need to replace your hot tub filter every now and again as it becomes too deteriorated to function as it should. Although, you will only need to purchase a replacement filter every couple of years.

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Cost & Energy Efficient Lay-Z-Spa Features

When compared to similar products, Lay-Z-Spas come out on top as being the most energy-efficient thanks to the features the brand includes to ensure running costs are as low as possible. 

Results from an independent test summarise that Lay-Z-Spas are faster and use less energy when heating water to 40°C. 

Lay-Z-Spa Thermal Covers 

One of the easiest ways to reduce running costs is by using a good thermal hot tub cover. A cover will keep the heat in, meaning you won’t have to use as much energy to heat the water and can maintain a more consistent temperature once the water is heated. 

Insulated Base 

The cushioned base of the hot tub adds an extra insulating barrier between your spa and the floor, preventing too much heat from leaching away. 

EnergySense Liner 

This insulated liner also helps retain heat – Lay-Z-Spas with the EnergySense material are 40% more efficient than other similar products. 

Energy-Saving Heating System

The advanced heating system means that once your water reaches the desired temperature, it will automatically turn off and turn on again when the temperature has dropped a few degrees. As your heating system won’t be on constantly, you’ll save some energy here. 

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Energy-Saving Timer 

The timer allows you to program your pump and heating system to start and stop when you want. This feature helps you reduce unnecessary energy consumption. 

Freeze Shield Technology

The Freeze Shield helps protect your hot tub in colder temperatures, preventing the water from freezing, meaning you won’t have to keep it constantly heated even in winter.

How to Reduce Lay-Z-Spa Running Costs 

While Lay-Z-Spas are designed to be cost-effective, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce your running costs beyond relying on the spa’s special features.

Maintain a Constant Water Temperature 

If the spa is used regularly (around three or more times per week), it’s best to leave the heater activated continuously. Maintaining a steady temperature will require less energy than heating your water up to the desired temperature from scratch each time you want to use it.

Lay-Z-Spa heaters are thermostatically regulated to only switch on when necessary so that a consistent temperature is maintained.

Use The Lid & Top Cover

A common cause of temperature loss is a damaged, unsecured or under-inflated lid.

Naturally, heat rises, so any breaches, tears or holes will drastically affect the water temperature of the spa. Ensure that the cover is securely zipped, tied, fastened or clipped.

Position Your Lay-Z-Spa Strategically 

By positioning your Lay-Z-Spa out of the wind, you will help it maintain a more consistent water temperature and reduce the need to regulate the water’s temperature more drastically. Windbreakers such as fences or buildings can also be effective at shielding your tub. 

Ensure Your Spa is Kept Clean

If you keep your water properly clean and sanitised with the right cleaning and maintenance schedule, you’ll have to replace the water less often, cutting down on water costs and waste. Dirtier water also means dirty filters, which prevents the pump from working at its most efficient. 

How to care for your Lay-z-spa

Insulate & Protect the Bottom of the Spa

Insulating the bottom of the spa with a floor protector helps reduce the heat lost through the bottom of the spa. As well as being cost-effective, this will also help to protect the spa against potential damages that can be caused by terrain.

Reduce the Use of Massage Systems

The massage system needs energy to operate and can also cause heat loss in the water, so reducing the amount of time you run it will contribute to fewer overall running costs. 

Fill Your Spa With Warm Water 

When first filling up your spa, fill it with warm tap water rather than cold as this won’t need as much energy to go into heating it to the desired temperature.

Assuming you employ some of these energy-saving methods, your hot tub bill will likely be on the lower end of our running cost estimates (£7-£12 per week), but please remember that there is no one size fits all, and the exact figures will depend on the factors previously mentioned. 

If there’s room in your budget for a Lay-Z-Spa, why not check out our fantastic range?  We stock various popular models to provide you with the height of luxury. 

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