Preparing the Ground for Your Hot Tub

Introducing a hot tub to your home is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and enjoy great relaxation with your loved ones. Hot tubs can be small, offering a more intimate experience, or larger for entertaining guests.

Regardless of the size of the hot tub you choose and your intentions for using it, there are a number of things you need to consider and prepare before your tub is installed.

One of the most important things to prepare before installing a hot tub is the ground in the area where the hot tub will be placed.

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Why Does the Ground Need to Be Prepared for a Hot Tub?


A hot tub must sit on level and smooth ground so that it remains stable when installed and the water level is equal.

The ground where you place the hot tub also needs to be strong and solid enough to support the tub itself, as well as the weight of the water and occupants of the tub when full.

While you may have an idea in mind for your hot tub, you may also need to consider access to power and water, as well as any overhanging trees which may cause debris in your tub. These considerations may highlight some issues that need addressing prior to installation.


Things to Consider When Placing Your Hot Tub


There are a number of things to consider regarding the placement of the hot tub:



You’ll want the area surrounding the hot tub to have good drainage. If it doesn’t, then you could end up with big puddles around the base of the tub.



The area where you want to place your hot tub needs to be easily accessible for installation and for you to access the tub for maintenance.



Trees are a major consideration for your hot tub placement. Overhanging branches may distribute debris into the water, making your job of maintenance much harder. Nearby trees can also cast shade over a hot tub, which you may not want if you are looking to enjoy the sun.

Another key concern with trees is their roots. If you are placing a hot tub near a large tree, then the roots may grow underneath the tub and could cause problems, such as making the ground uneven.


Preparing the Ground


The surface for your hot tub needs to be strong and capable of withstanding weights of around two tonnes. As such, it is typically recommended to have a flat concrete base around 15cm deep on which to place your hot tub.

If your outdoor space is currently grass or a weaker base, then you may need to have a concrete area laid first before the hot tub is installed.

Before this is done, the ground should be levelled, with any holes filled and large stones removed to make the area as flat as possible.

Other solid, flat bases, such as slabs or paving stones, may be used but must not be loose.

Some decking may be strong enough to withstand a hot tub, but you would need to check with the supplier first.


Sourcing Power and Water


Both power and water are essential for running and maintaining a hot tub. As such, the location of the tub must be close to sources of water and power.

The type of power you need will depend on the type of hot tub you have chosen. Some will be able to plug directly into a household outlet, while others may need to be connected by an electrician. The hot tub needs to be at least five foot away from the power source.

The hot tub needs to be within reaching distance of a hose so it can be refilled quickly each time the tub needs to be drained and cleaned. To maintain your hot tub, you’ll need water treatment systems, including chemicals to keep the water clean between uses.


Where are you planning to install your hot tub? If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team who are always happy to help!