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Swimming Pool Chlorine, Bromine & Sanitisers

Pool Chlorine, Bromine & Sanitisers Tablets

Maintaining the cleanliness of your swimming pool is a crucial component of not only enjoying a paddle or two but also elongating the life of the pool and its equipment. At 1st Direct Pools, we stock premium swimming pool cleaning chemicals, such as chlorine, bromine and chlorine alternatives.

Whether you prefer using chlorine tablets, granules or liquid, you can find it here. We even stock a pool chemical kit that can help get you started!

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Need More Advice On Our Swimming Pool Chlorine & Sanitisers?

Granules, once diluted, can be added directly to the swimming pool for quick results. Tablets, on the other hand, dissolve a lot slower than granules and can be added to a floating container, skimmer basket or a pool chlorine feeder.

As well as the form, there’s also a difference in the type of swimming pool chlorine you buy:

  • Opening/Closing pool chlorine - ideal for opening and closing your swimming pool in Spring and Winter months.
  • Shock pool chlorine - kills algae, cleans, sanities and oxidises the water helping your swimming pool stay crystal clear.
  • Multifunctional pool chlorine tablets - designed to slowly disperse chlorine, algaecide and clarifier into the pool water to help maintain a clean and safe pool.

All our swimming pool chlorine, bromine and sanitisers are in stock and available for next day delivery.

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