Beginner's Guide to Bestway Pool Maintenance & Care

Bestway pools offer the perfect way to enjoy all the benefits of having a pool at home without the costs of installing an in-ground pool. 

We’ve compiled our best advice for new pool owners to ensure you know how to care for your Bestway pool right from the get-go. 

How Do You Maintain a Bestway Pool? 

When first getting started, pool maintenance can seem a little daunting. But with a nudge in the right direction, executing a regular maintenance schedule will become second nature. 

There are several key factors involved in good above ground pool maintenance; for example,  managing chemicals and water quality, ensuring components like the pump and filter system can function to the best of their ability and general cleaning to prevent stains or corrosion. 

The first, and probably most important, thing to consider is which chemicals you need. 

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What Chemicals Do You Need For a Bestway Pool? 

There are a couple of chemicals that work in tandem to keep your water sparkling. Without the right chemical balance, you would end up with dirty, bacteria-ridden water. The basics will include: 

  • Water sanitisers (i.e. chlorine or bromine)
  • Water balancers (i.e. pH increasers/reducers)
  • Pool shock 

Always read the dosage instructions on each chemical’s packaging carefully to ensure everything can do the job it’s intended for. 

Using Chlorine with Your Bestway Pool 

Chlorine is used to disinfect pool water, keeping it free from bacteria and safe to swim in. Bestway pools, whether it's a steel frame or a Bestway inflatable pool, need to be constantly sanitised, so chlorine levels must be checked often – test your water around every day (or twice a week when it hasn’t been in frequent use). 

Ideal chlorine levels range from 1-3 ppm. If you’re using bromine as an alternative sanitiser, aim for 2-4 ppm. 

We stock chlorine in several forms, including easy-to-use tablets and granules. 

Pool Shock 

It’s important that once you get your Bestway pool set up, you introduce chlorine (or alternative) straight away so it can start doing its job. The best way to do this is with swimming pool shock treatments – these products have a higher dose of sanitising chemical to prevent algae and bacteria from the get-go. 

After your initial dose, we recommend shocking your Bestway pool around once a week (if it’s in heavy use) or at least every two weeks. Note that you will still need to maintain the regular chlorine levels highlighted above – shocks are used more like a deep clean that quickly ‘resets’ your chlorine levels when they start to drop too much. 

shock dosage advice for pool owners

Water Balancers 

Maintaining the pH balance in your water is also essential. If water is improperly balanced, you may face issues with: 

  • A green pool
  • Damaged equipment
  • Heavy scaling

The ideal pH level for your 7.2-7.6 – if, when you test, the water is not within this range, you’ll need to use pH Plus or pH Minus treatments, depending on which side of the scale it falls. 

You’ll also need to test for Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness, which contribute to a safe chemical balance. You can learn more about the ideal levels for various pool chemicals in our guide to balancing pool water.

Storing Bestway Pool Chemicals 

You need to take care when handling and storing chemicals for your pool. Make sure they’re stored in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of children.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the chemical containers and wash your hands afterwards.

Understanding these basics should get you started, but you can find out more about the specifics of all the essential and speciality above ground pool chemicals in our guide below. 

above ground pool chemical must haves

How to Clean a Bestway Pool 

Maintaining your pool’s chemical levels will make the water sanitary to swim in and help prevent algae growth, but it won’t necessarily keep all your pool components looking clean. 

Basic cleaning will include cleaning grease and grime from the waterline – you can get speciality chemicals to help with this – and regularly cleaning any pool equipment. 

Maintaining your pump and filter system will also help ensure any unwanted contaminants don’t get the chance to linger. 

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Bestway Swimming Pool Pumps

Pool pumps act as the heart of your pool, circulating the water around the system and ensuring it’s never stagnant. While your pool is set up, you should circulate the entire volume of water for 6-8 hours every day that it’s in use – this is usually plenty long enough for all the water to ‘turnover’, meaning it’s all cycled through the system. 

Your pump will work alongside a filter (for above ground pools, they tend to be one integrated system), which will capture dirt and debris in the water. 

How to Clean a Bestway Pool Filter 

You should clean your filter once a week or so (or after every use if you want to be extra thorough). If your system uses cartridge filters, this can be done easily by removing the cartridge and rinsing it with water and filter cleaner to get rid of the contaminants that’ve been captured.

You can even get attachments like the Borel Filter Cartridge Cleaning Nozzle that attach to the end of your hose, making cleaning the pleats of your filter cartridge much easier. Replace your pool filter cartridge once you notice it starting to deteriorate – these filters tend to last several years. 

Bestway pool filter and pump system

Pool Vacuum 

Another piece of kit that can be used to keep your Bestway pool pristine is a pool vacuum cleaner. While not entirely essential, pool vacuums can help keep your pool’s walls and floor free of grime, keeping it in fantastic condition for longer. 

The Telsa 15 Rechargeable Pool & Spa Vacuum is a great example of a compact pool vacuum that’ll make quick work of your pool. Vacuums should be used once a week or as required.

For larger debris that settles on the water, like leaves or twigs, pool leaf nets are ideal. 

Bestway Pool Cleaning Chemicals 

When cleaning your pool, always make sure you use purpose-made pool cleaning products. Many household cleaners contain phosphates which are known to nurture algae growth or create foam.

Using an Above Ground Pool Cover 

In between uses, it is always best to cover your pool with a purpose-made covering. This will prevent debris from entering the water and help conserve chemicals by reducing evaporation. 

Without using a pool cover, you invite all sorts of nasty contaminants in. Solar covers can be especially good options for the on-season as they help retain the water’s heat. 

Two people using a putting on a Bestway swimming pool cover

How Often Should I Change the Water in My Bestway Pool? 

Many above ground pools are not intended as permanent fixtures; they are set up for the duration of the swimming season and taken down for winter. Provided your chemicals are properly managed, and the pump/filter does its job, the water you first fill your Bestway pool up with should last the season. 

If you do leave your pool up for the year, you may want to refresh your water again by the next summer season. However, for most people, you probably won’t have to change your water unless it becomes contaminated and cannot be fixed with chemical treatments. 

How to Empty a Bestway Pool

While you won’t have to change your water during the same season, you will have to drain it if you’re planning to pack it away for next year. There are two ways you can drain a Bestway pool: 

  • Using a water drain pump
  • Using a garden hose syphon

Draining Your Bestway Pool With a Pump

For quick and effective drainage, submerge the pump entirely into the water and find somewhere for the outlet to drain – choose somewhere away from the pool that won’t get flooded. 

Once the water level starts decreasing, you can leave the pump to do its job. Make sure you check on it every once in a while to ensure there are no malfunctions. A pump won’t drain every single drop, so when it can’t drain any more water, switch the pump off.

Draining Your Bestway Pool With a Hose

Submerge each end of the hose completely so it fills with water. Take one end of the hose out of the pool and place it in the area where you want to drain the pool. Keep the other end in the water and make sure the liquid begins to syphon out of the pool.

Keep an eye on the pool to ensure the water level is decreasing and that there’s no flooding. Remove the hose when it stops syphoning, which will likely be 6-12 inches. This method is slower than using a pump, and it still won’t get all of the water out.

You can then remove the rest of the water by either:

  • Sucking the excess water with a Wet Vac
  • Carefully removing the liner from the pool’s frame and tipping the rest out

A pool inflatable ring floating on water

Can Bestway Pools Be Left Up in Winter? 

If you’re not planning on packing it away until next year, yes, with the right maintenance, your Bestway pool can be left full throughout the winter. This means you could get even more use out of it as you won’t have to completely close it down. 

How to Winterise a Bestway Above Ground Pool 

There are a couple of steps you’ll need to take to ensure it remains in good nick until you’re ready to open it again. 

Remove All Pool Accessories 

Remove this like ladders, steps and even the pump, so they can’t be stored away safely for next year. Before packing it all away, give everything a quick rinse and clean so it’ll be ready to go come the summer. 

Use a Winter Pool Cover 

A winter pool cover will help protect against freezing and will prevent debris from getting into the water. Above ground winter pool covers are designed to withstand harsher weather, so it’s worth getting a cover that’s made for the season rather than relying on your summer cover. 

Maintain Pool Chemicals

Keep an eye on your pool chemicals and continue testing the water throughout the year to see when chemicals need to be topped up. Adding a dose of long-life algaecide before fixing the winter cover is a good idea as it’ll help prevent the development of green water. 

By taking a bit of extra care with your maintenance, you ensure you can get the most out of your Bestway pool, creating a haven of fun and relaxation for the summer!