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Hot Tub Spa Chlorine, Bromine & Sanatisers

Hot Tub / Spa Chlorine, Bromine & Sanitisers Tablets;

Maintaining your hot tub/spa with the correct levels of spa chemicals is vital. This is why 1st Direct Pools have spent time researching the market to put together an essential selection of Spa Chlorine, Bromine & Sanitisers for you to choose from. 1st Direct Pools is owned by the UK’s largest independent swimming pool company, with over 40 years’ experience in supplying Spa Chlorine, Bromine & Sanitisers of the highest quality. Because of this, our purchasing power allows us to offer you the very lowest prices on Spa Chlorine, Bromine & Sanitisers.

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  1. Rapid Shock 500g

    Save 31%

  2. Spa Stabilised Chlorine Tablets 20g

    Savings up to 67%

    Starting at £8.99

  3. Bromine Spa Kit

    Save 30%

  4. 1kg Stabilised Chlorine Granules

    Savings up to 36%

    Starting at £10.20

  5. 1kg Bromine Granules

    Savings up to 52%

    Starting at £12.72

  6. Spa Bromine Tablets

    Savings up to 61%

    Starting at £13.44

  7. Spa Time Active Oxygen Granules

    Savings up to 9%

    Starting at £18.50

  8. 1kg Non Chlorine Shock Granules

    Savings up to 49%

    Starting at £11.89

  9. 30g Relax Energize Sachets

    Savings up to 23%

    Starting at £2.20

15 Items

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