Building a Swimming Pool

When you are looking at building your dream swimming pool there are a series of imperative steps you should look at in successfully planning the construction. At 1st Direct Pools we have over 30 years experience in building almost every form of swimming pool you can think of. It is with this experience that we can aid you to not make the common mistakes. As with everything, if you have any questions or would like somebody to talk you through your ideas please do not hesitate to contact our sales and technical team.

The points you must consider are as follows:

Location Access:

Sometimes its easy to forget about the logistics of actually getting your swimming pool components and machine plant around to the location of your pool. Always ensure there is sufficient room to fit a digger / dumper to the site area and also capacity to store all the components you order that make up the pool.

Ground Composition:

It is useful to know what the composition of your ground is in which you intend to dig. This can have impact of the type of construction your pool will require and also your methods of heating. Do you live in a high-water table? If so then you should ensure the correct construction of the pool sides and also over-spec your heater. You should never fully drain and leave a swimming pool in a high-water table area as the pools will often implode, crack or liner float. You may be required to dig a sump hole deeper than the pool to install a submersible or similar type pump to keep the water away while you build your pool. Please let us know prior to ordering your pool about what type of ground you are on and any factors such as high water table which effect your area. Provided we know about this early enough it is simple to accommodate and spec the pool accordingly.

How Big?

Im sure you will have a rough idea of the desired pool size and depth but there are various different arrangements you can have with a pool. The floor can come in constant depth, wedge or hopper formations. Then there is the size do you want a straight forward rectangular pool, kidney pool or a free-form pool? When sizing your pool be aware the that the size impacts ongoing running cost with larger pool requiring more chemicals, larger heater with greater running costs, larger covers, larger plant room etc. Shaped pools are generally difficult to cover with kidney pools especially awkward to take the cover on and off.


The position of a pool and certainly the components with the pool in vital. You should orientate your pools so that the prevailing wind is always directing towards the skimmers which return the water to the filtration plant. You should not have a roman end for example on the downwind end of the pool as you will end up accumulating debris and dirt within this area. You should also consider as much protection from the wind as possible as this will impact the running costs of heating the pool. A pool in the sun will running vastly more efficiently than one in the shade.


As you can imagine with a luxury items such as a swimming pool there are a host of extras and add-ons for your pool from step units, counter current units, colour changing lights and automatic covers. You should make it clear what you would like on your pool before you start digging as consideration needs to be made for cover ditches, pipe work, etc which is very hard to retro-fit should you decide at a later date.


Heating comes in a vast array of choices including gas, oil, electric and heat pumps. The best thing to do is speak to one of our team regarding your heating specification based on pool size, location, etc. Why not have a look through our heat pump range to see just how little it can cost to heat a pool these days by getting 5 of energy into the pool for every 1 you spend on electricity.

Services Provisioning:

You need to ensure that the services to your property are sufficient to run the swimming pool. This is predominantly down to your planned heating method where you may require gas / oil. You may also have to consider the maximum load of your electricity supply to handle the swimming pool plant / electric based heaters. It is also important to know if your property electrics are provisioned in single or three phase.

With the answers to all of the above we can be confident that the pool you have chosen will suit your needs and technical requirements giving you years of fun and enjoyment. Weve built hundreds (if not thousands) of pools over the years and are here to put the best package together for you on your DIY pool kit. Please call for your customised and affordable swimming pool quote now on 0800 328 4150.

Our Pool Construction Service

We offer a complete pool construction service with our team of SPATA trained engineers. Our senior pool engineers have over 40 years experience constructing hundreds of swimming pools mainly in the south west but further afield and aboard as well. We have build all types of swimming pools from one piece pools to concrete pools and the more popular panel and liner pools. We have a extensive pool construction portfolio showing our latest pool projects at the various stages and have a reputation of being the best swimming pool builders as our number one priority is making sure you are delighted with your new pool. We only build our pools to the strictest regulatory standards and use all the latest pool technologies including the new super thick Alkorplan pool liners and LED pool light technology. For a free site quotation/initial design please contact our team on 01425 477050 or click here to view our pool construction portfolio.