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Winter Pool Covers

Winter Debris Pool Covers

We highly recommended closing your pool for the winter months as it reduces running costs while the swimming pool isn't in use. Therefore, you'll need a winter debris pool cover. These covers are designed to fit to the pool side and stretch across over the top of the pool to completely encapsulate and protect your pool, helping to stop debris and animals from entering the pool but still allowing water through. There are several options for material and fixings:

All covers are made bespoke and are special order items.


  • Standard Winter Debris Cover - A strong, durable winter cover with perimeter straps every 4'-5'
  • Criss Cross 4'-5' - The same material with straps that are spaced every 4'-5' that span the entire length and width of the cover to add strength
  • Deluxe Criss Cross 3'-4' - The same material with straps that are spaced every 3'-4' that span the entire length and width of the cover to add strength
  • Ultimate Criss Cross - The same material with straps spanning the width and length every 3'-4' to help carry more weight - ideal for areas with small animals or snow. Additionally, anti-chaffing strip fitted to the entire perimeter of the pool to help lengthen the life of the winter cover.


  • Standard P Pins & Springs - Traditional fixing involves drilling a 7mm hole in the patio where a P pin sits which is attached to a spring on the cover strap
  • Brass Flush Fix Fixing with Spring - For a more flush fixing around the pool - larger drill holes (19mm) and less trip hazard
  • Brass Deck Fixing with Spring - Suitable for Decking - 19mm drill holes required and a flush fixing
  • Lawn Stake Fixing with Spring - Where there isn't an option of solid ground to drill into.

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Winter Pool Covers

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Winter Pool covers are an essential product to ensure the longevity of your pool. This is why we have spent time in developing our new range of quality covers which are exclusive to us. We believe they are the very best available in the UK at unbeatable prices.

Our new material is a thick woven polyethylene which is very strong, light weight and porous, so it allows the rain to pass through and debris to blow off. It is sourced globally and specially formulated to give superior abrasion resistance and our covers undergo a special process to give maximum UV protection and chemical resistance, the extra UV resistance will make your new winter pool cover last even longer! The fabric is a tight weave, which means it is able to keep out even the smallest debris down to less than 0.25mm, and our close mesh also blocks out more light. This will make your swimming pool easier to get ready for your next swimming season.