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Pool Filter Media Sand / Glass

Pool Filter Media Sand /Glass  

We've been selling filter media online for many years and here at 1st Direct Pools we want you to have the best advice! There are many different types of filter media, depending on the application. However, the popular media is the new recycled glass instead of the normal silica sand you would have with pea shingle.

EGFM / Eco Glass Filter Media - Superior and more efficient filtering, use 20% less in the filter, 50% less water backwashing. In theory it wouldn't need changing as it doesn't wear down like sand although we still recommend a change every 8 years - the perfect media! Quick guide: Use Grade 1 in place of the silica sand (less 20%) and Grade 2 in place of the pea gravel recommendations as per your manufactures guide.

Silica Sand - The particle size of the sand is between 0.5 and 1.0mm which makes it the perfect size to stop small particles of debris that pass through your filter. Follow your manufactures guide for filling and quantities.

Pool Filter Media Sand / Glass

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Pool Filter Media Sand /Glass

A few years ago it was found that recycled glass processed to approximately the same size as these grains of sand, worked better for the following reasons:

1. The recycled glass is much smoother than sand, which is less likely to hold grease, body oils, pollen and other sticky substances

2. Also allowing it to release trapped debris faster and easier than sand, saving you money on wasted water when backwashing

3. Lasts longer than sand, typically sand is changed every 3 - 4 years in a domestic pool. Glass should last double that if backwashed regularly

If you would like any more information or technical help please don't hesitate to contact our technical help desk on 0333 900 4040