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Automatic Pool Cleaners

Swimming Pool Cleaners

These are a highly popular and convenient addition to any pool. Finding time and energy to clean the pool after a hard day at work which is where these pool cleaners can help make your life easier! There are a few types of pool cleaners to chose from:

Suction Pool Cleaners - These are the most popular option as they are more simple in design so are more affordable. They use your existing filtration system so will connect to your vacuum point and randomly travel over the floor sucking up any dirt it finds. Options for floor only models or floor and walls. You will need to check you have sufficient suction on your pump - usually around 5m3/hr.

Electric Pool Cleaners - Certainly the most convenient, efficient and reliable of all pool cleaners. Powered electrically, working independently using a combination of onboard computers calculating the fastest and most economical route around the pool these really do act as your own personal valet!

Booster Pump Pool Cleaners - Running off a separate booster pump these work independently from your filtration system. They vacuum, sweep and scrub the bottom and walls of any size in-ground pool, be it concrete, fibreglass, tile or vinyl. The extra large bottom opening picks up large debris. The in-line back-up valve cycles automatically, pulling the cleaner away from potential obstacles letting it clean without interruption.

If you need further information or assistance in purchasing the right Pool Cleaner for your pool, please phone us on 0333 900 40 40.