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UV Water Treatment Systems

UV Pool Filters & Systems

An efficient and cost-effective method for reducing chlorine or bromine in your pool or spa and improving water quality. The UV (ultraviolet) system is usually installed into your pipework (ideally in the plant room), on the return back to the pool. As the water passes through the UV treatment chamber, the ultraviolet light kills and destroys organic pollutants that pass through. UV systems are ideal if you struggle with traditional sanitisation methods such as chlorine or bromine. 

In a normal domestic pool, chlorine levels would usually be kept at 2-3ppm; by installing a UV system you can reduce this so you still get the residue of chlorine to help kill the bacteria but is much less therefore reducing the irratation of chemicals. If you're looking for a chlorine free system you can look at Salt chlorination / Bayrol / Prozone ozonators.

We stock a range of leading brands such as Elecro, Certikin and Blue Lagoon. 

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  1. PVC-U Clear Spring Non Return/Check Valve

    Savings up to 75%

    Starting at £30.00

  2. Certikin UV-C Systems

    Savings up to 43%

    Starting at £165.00

  3. Elecro Quantum UV System

    Savings up to 40%

    Starting at £754.99

  4. Blue Lagoon 16watt UV Timer System - up to 15

    Savings up to 43%

    Starting at £264.00

  5. UV Inline Strainer

    Savings up to 23%

    Starting at £210.00

  6. UV Bulbs

    Starting at £1.44

8 Items

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