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Speciality Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals

Here at 1st Direct Pools we have sourced some very effective speciality products to help keep your pool beautifully clean!

Flocculant - If your pool has recently gone green you need to kill the algae with a shock. Once done you will have those tiny particles suspended in the water that the filter can’t quite pick up, then you should use one of our Flocculants. We offer Jelly Clear Cubes, Flocculant Tabs and Granular Floc. All these help to gather the fine particles held in suspension which then allows the filter to remove them and leave you with crystal clear water. 

If you are getting your pool ready for the new season and think your liner could do with a bit of a clean look no further than our Tile and Liner Cleaner or our specially formulated Pool Clean. Both these products would be a great help and Pool Clean is great on keeping copings and tiles clean too! We offer Concentrated Stain & Scale Inhibitor for you to try and keep stains at bay, usually caused by Calcium build up on the pool walls.

Don’t forget we offer Filter & Cartridge Cleaner for your Swimming Pool and Spa filters.

Leak Sealer - If you feel you may have a small hole in your liner or pipework, then give our Leak Sealer a try!

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  1. Jelly Clear Cubes

    Savings up to 63%

    Starting at £2.04

  2. Pool Clean

    Savings up to 61%

    Starting at £10.50

  3. Flocculent Tablets

    Savings up to 35%

    Starting at £8.34

  4. 2kg Granular Floc

    Savings up to 21%

    Starting at £9.50

  5. Chlorine Reducer

    Savings up to 34%

    Starting at £11.50

  6. 1ltr Pool Elements Leak Seeker

    Save 50%

  7. Concentrated Stain & Scale Inhibitor

    Savings up to 25%

    Starting at £16.80

  8. 2kg Stabiliser / Conditioner

    Save 61%


11 Items

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