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Salt Chlorinators

Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinators


Salt Chlorinators give outstanding water quality offering homeowners a wide range of benefits. The automatic system allows crystal clear water and a sparkling natural-looking swimming pool at all times, with a unique level of comfort while swimming. Salt Chlorinators are a swimming pool chlorination system that creates chlorine from salt.  However, before a Salt Chlorinator can work, the swimming pool water must have a salt concentration of 3,000 ppm (parts per million). Salt Chlorinators eliminate the need for most swimming pool chemical maintenance and should result in lower maintenance costs. 

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  1. PVC-U Clear Spring Non Return/Check Valve

    Savings up to 75%

    Starting at £30.00

  2. Zodiac Tri Salt Chlorinator

    Savings up to 32%

    Starting at £1,815.00

  3. Zodiac Ei Salt Chlorinator

    Savings up to 17%

    Starting at £1,200.00

6 Items

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