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Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools


If you're looking for all the benefits of a pool with an affordable twist and a much easier installation, then an above-ground pool might just be for you.

Above-ground pools offer multiple advantages when compared to in-ground pools, these include:

  • - A quicker, easier installation
  • - Affordable price
  • - Mobility
  • - Easier maintenance
  • - A great range of layouts and models

Here at 1st Direct Pools, we offer a great range of above-ground pools and accessories, such as:

  • - Bestway swimming pools
  • - Solid walled pools
  • - Wooden walled pools
  • - Heating and plumbing equipment
  • - Maintenance and recreational accessories

Should I Get an Inground or Above-Ground Pool?


Choosing between an above or inground pool depends on your personal preference.

Above-ground pools are popular because of their cost, safety and installation. The surplus money that would have been spent on an inground pool can pay for extra accessories such as a wrap-around decking.

The installation process can also be done independently, so you can easily save money while quickly installing the pool yourself. You can even go as far as preparing the ground to ensure it is suitable for your new pool; check out our guide that will take you through the process.

An in-ground pool is seen as more of a home investment and preferred for aesthetic purposes, but that's not to say an above-ground pool can't easily be customised to improve the appearance of your garden too.

Bestway Pools


Bring a splash of fun to your family's weekend by investing in a playful centrepiece for the garden, or create a haven where you can lie back and soak in the sun.

Since 1994 Bestway has been recognised for producing innovative and high-quality sporting and leisure products, including the esteemed Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs.

Here at 1st Direct Pools, we offer some of the best above-ground pools available on the market at an impressively affordable price by one of the most reputable and trusted companies for above ground pools, Bestway.

Above-Ground Pool Accessories


We also offer some great functional and recreational accessories for above-ground pools. These include essentials that can help extend your pool's longevity, such as a pool floor protector and maintenance kit, to recreational accessories that consist of waterproof speakers and glowing pool floats.

For maintenance accessories, you can find:

  • - Above-ground pool repair kits
  • - Maintenance kits
  • - Test strips
  • - Chemical dispensers
  • - Splasher pool chemical kit
  • - Spa vacuum

For advice about your above-ground and in-ground Swimming pools, contact a member of our team or take a browse through our blog!