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Hot Tub Non-Chlorine Chemicals

Water treatment ideal for those who are looking for a non-chlorine or reduced chlorine alternative in their hot tub. If you are unsure please call our technical team to discuss.

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  1. 1kg Bromine Granules

    Savings up to 52%

    Starting at £12.72

  2. Spa Bromine Tablets

    Savings up to 61%

    Starting at £13.44

  3. 1kg Non Chlorine Shock Granules

    Savings up to 49%

    Starting at £11.89

  4. Spa Time Active Oxygen Granules

    Savings up to 9%

    Starting at £18.50

  5. 30g Relax Energize Sachets

    Savings up to 23%

    Starting at £2.20

5 Items

per page
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