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Slatted Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic Slatted Swimming Pool Covers

Slatted Automatic Pool Covers are manufactured by a superb European company, who offer high quality and beautifully designed covers.  There are various installation options available, from top mount to pit mount.  Slatted Automatic Pool Covers, are made up of long slats that stretch the entire width of the pool and are all connected to form rigid and strong cover. 

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Slatted Automatic Pool Covers

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Slatted Automatic Pool Covers are designed to float on the surface of the pool and are a great addition to any pool, indoor or outdoor. The slats on Slatted Automatic Pool Covers are buoyant and flexibly joined to each other. This makes Slatted Automatic Pool Covers easy to use and easy to store on a roller. Slatted Automatic Pool Covers are not just for rectangular pools and can be designed to incorporate Roman Ends and many other pool shapes.

The roller for a Slatted Automatic Pool Cover can be either manual or electric. There are various housing options available from pit mount which are usually installed when the pool is being built or a top mount for existing pools. With a top mount option, the roller and cover can be covered by a housing unit for weather protection and a neater finish.

Slatted Automatic Pool Covers can save up to 75% of overall heat loss from the pool water and thus should help to reduce heating costs and chemical consumption.

N.B. It is important to note that Slatted Automatic Pool Covers are not Safety Covers and should not be relied upon to keep children safe when the pool is unattended.