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Sahara Coping Stones 270mm

Sahara Coping Stones 270mm
Sahara Rounded Coping Stones 270mm
Sahara Rounded Coping Stones 270mm
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Sahara Rounded Coping Stone 270mm x 485mm
SKU: 3020012209
£27.22 38% £17.00

In Stock

Sahara Rounded Coping Stone 270 x 485mm Curve
SKU: 3020012213
£35.40 35% £23.09

In Stock

Sahara Rounded Coping Stone 270 x 485mm Reversed Curve
SKU: 3020012214
£35.40 35% £23.09

In Stock

Sahara Rounded Corner Coping Stone 270mm x 485mm Rounded Angle R/150 - 90 degree
SKU: 3020012210
£57.01 41% £33.60

In Stock

Sahara Rounded Coping Stone 270 x 485mm Sorting Angle - Roman End Starter
SKU: 3020012212
£55.26 39% £33.60

In Stock

Sahara Rounded Coping Stone 270 x 485mm Rounded Angle R/610 - 3 Pieces (within price)
SKU: 3020012211
£58.22 39% £35.69

In Stock

Lead TimeLead Time: 2-3 Weeks


Sahara Coping Stones

Sahara Pool Copings by Caraterra - Beautiful Pool Edge Coping Stones designed to create a stunning, unique look to your pool area! Caraterra pavements are a faithful reproduction of old stones with patina and create simple effects that carry on traditional floors. Recommended for great character atmospheres, CARATERRA lines offer a broad range of shapes, aspects and colours that will give your environment a very attractive style.

The Sahara line is well adapted to colours and climatic variations. Thanks to its classical "bubble" aspect, the Sahara line remains the most complete range and is a must for every project. During the manufacturing process, fine bubbles of air are passed through the coping stone. Once hard, these bubbles make an attractive feature whilst giving anti-slip properties.

Rounded Coping Stones - This range of coping stones are normally used on outdoor pools, they have a curved profile so that any water lost from the pool or any rain water that falls is not able to run back into the pool and carry the outside dirt with it thus keeping the pool relatively clean. These stones are 25mm - 55mm from back to front.

Available in 2 colours - yellow (buff / sand colour) or white. The Sahara range offers many different types of stones to complete your pool to a high standard. They can offer many different types of corners to help get round your pool build, radius, square, internal and external, these are especially useful if you have a square step unit on the pool. They have two main types of coping stone; Flat or Rounded

You can also finish off the rest of your paving area with the Sahara tile to match in with the coping stones, they come in the same styles and colours as the coping stones and so can complete the look nicely. They also come in two different thicknesses - 25mm and 35mm depending on which one would be best for you

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