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Pools: The Need to Know

Find out how to build and maintain you pool, from opening your pool for spring through to closing it in the winter.

Spa: The Need to Know

In this section you will find useful information on how to manage your Spa and how to enjoy the ultimate spa experience.


Pool Heating Guide

To make your swimming more comfortable you need to heat your swimming pool using a pool heater. There are various different types of pool heater available and this guide will explain how each one works and which one would be most suitable for your pool. Gas Boilers The most popular type of pool heating used […]

Heating Running Costs

Pool Surface Area Electricity Day Rate LPG Bottled Gas Economy Night Rate Oil Natural Gas Heat Pump Electric Sq.ft Sq.M 8p/kW/hr 26p/litre 4p/kW/hr 34p/litre 48p/Therm 8p/kW/hr 250 24 780 450 400 350 245 190 300 28 940 540 480 420 305 230 350 33 1110 630 560 490 365 270 400 37 1270 720 640 […]

Pool Build

Running a Swimming Pool

Running a pool is actually very straight-forward when you know what you are doing. Below are a few points on things to do and how to do them when it comes to managing your swimming pool. If you have any more specific queries and questions please do not hesitate to call for some advice. Skimmer […]

Building a Swimming Pool

When you are looking at building your dream swimming pool there are a series of imperative steps you should look at in successfully planning the construction. At 1st Direct Pools we have over 30 years experience in building almost every form of swimming pool you can think of. It is with this experience that we […]

How a Swimming Pool Works

As a new pool owner, either from buying a property with an existing swimming pool, or by having a pool built. It can be confusing as to how it works and what all the equipment does. At 1st Direct we recognise this and we have constructed the following guide for the new pool owner. […]

Pool Maintenance

Pool Pumps and Filters

The swimming pool pump circulates the pool water through the pools filter which mixes the chemicals and sanitises the water to keep it free from contaminants and debris. It is important to choose the right pump and filter combination for your pool so the system operates efficiently. The first step to choosing the correct pump […]

Pool Cover Guide

There are several different types of pool covers available which fulfil different functions: Heat Retention Covers and Solar Covers These covers float on the pool surface and do not require fixing, and for easy handling a pool roller is recommended. These are primarily used to conserve heat by preventing heat loss from evaporation and cold […]

Automatic Pool Cleaners

A automatic pool cleaner collects debris and sediment from swimming pools and saves you time having to clean the pool yourself. There are various different types of pool cleaner and this guide will have you decide which type is best for your swimming pool. Suction Pool Cleaners Suction pool cleaners are used in conjunction with […]

How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

You can clear your cloudy pool by following the steps below as a incorrect water balance or dirty filter are just some of the possible causes – Check & Adjust the Water Chemistry You need to check the pool chemical levels are correct, to find out what these are see this guide. The free chlorine […]

Working Pool

New Pool Owners Guide

Introduction Congratulations you now own a pool! Your dream has become a reality and youre the owner of a sparkling oasis of pleasure and relaxation in your own back garden ready for hours of fun, exercise and enjoyment! But what now? How do I keep the pool looking like new? How do I know it […]

How A Pool Works

Every pool owner wants to achieve crystal clear and sparkling water. This page explains, in simple terms, how a pool works and what you need to do to obtain and keep that crystal clear water. The principle, for hundreds of years, has been cleaning our drinking water by straining it through sand. The same principle […]

Step by Step Guide on Opening your Pool for Spring

If you have closed your pool down over the winter, it is essential when you reopen your pool that all the correct methods are followed. These instructions will ensure that your swimming pool is filtered properly and kept clean and sanitised: Step 1 Removing your Pool Cover Before removing either your safety or winter cover, […]

Winterising Procedure for in Ground Swimming Pools

Chemicals Required: Dry Acid/Alkali Shock Chlorine granules Long Life Winteriser Liquid Chlorine Ensure pool is clean and clear. Bring pH to 7.4 to 7.6 using Dry Acid or Dry Alkali as necessary. Super chlorinate the water to 10ppm using Shock Granules or Liquid Chlorine. Add 1st Direct Pools’s Longlife Algeacide. (2ltrs will treat 11,000 gallons). […]