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Purifiers & Ozonators

Purification and sanitisation products to provide a reduction in chlorine and bromine usage.

Prozones (ionizers) are commonly used as an alternative to traditional chlorine and bromine systems to sanitise a swimming pool or spa. UK designed and manufactured by a leading physicist - they have created a strong and reliable product with many years of experience. 

We also stock the DuoClear & Nature 2 replacement cartridges. Manufactured by Zodiac, these provide an efficient and effective sanitising system to give you that fresher pool water experience.

Purifiers & Ozonators

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Ozonators are used for pools and spas to help reduce the need for Chlorine and Bromine.  It is estimated, Ozonators can help reduce levels of chlorine and bromine by up to 60%.  The way Ozonators operate is by neutralizing contaminants in swimming pools by releasing oxygen atoms, which then combine with foreign matter, such as, algae, bacteria and oils to change or destroy them.  As a result, Ozonators ultimately help to reduce the chemical count in your pool.

The Duoclear system is dependent on the pool's filtration. By salt chlorination through the cell, the salt is converted into chlorine.  The chlorine oxidizes bacteria and algae and then turns back into salt to be used again.  The Nature 2 cartridge contains minerals which are released into the pool to control bacteria and algae growth.  Active chlorine combined with the mineral particles diffused by the cartridge intensifies the action of the treatment against bacteria, algae and micro-organisms. The active chlorine, which is destroyed by the sun's UV rays, is constantly renewed by the cell without any intervention on your part. In this way the Duoclear system disinfects the pool completely, even when less chlorine is produced. Thus producing superb water clarity to give your pool sparkling results and make it easier to balance.